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Donna M. White
Professor, Department of Modern Dance and Associate Dean, Graduate School, University of Utah

"Alberto del Saz is a consummate artist! He remains in my memory as one of the most astonishing performers I have ever seen. Not only is he stunning on stage but he is clear and articulate as a teacher and rehearsal director. It is this high level of artistry and wealth of experience that Mr. del Saz brings to students and professionals alike through his work with them."




Yasuko Tokunaga
Licensing Director for the Limon Dance Company
Former Director of Dance  Division
Boston Conservatory

"In my 14 years as a Director of Dance I have worked with world class dance professionals. I can say, however, that I have never met anyone who is more professional, caring and giving. Tito (as we call him) is one of the best. He is a director who always gets results from the dancers. He is not only demanding, but he is kind, supportive, and willing to give that extra time to help the dancers reach the next level. In addition, he works well under pressure and solves problems creatively and spontaneously."

Joan Woodbury
Co Founder.
Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company

"I have greatly admired Alberto del Saz as a dancer with the Nikolais Dance Theater and as a performer with the Murray Louis and Nikolais Dance Company. He is an incredible performer, with great technique, charisma, understanding of motion, total involvement in his numerous and varied rolls. Though he was a great ensemble dancer, he was so amazing to watch that I could hardly keep my eyes off him.

Alberto del Saz possesses a remarkable sense of dedication of the dance in general and the philosophy and techniques of Alwin Nikolais and Murray Louis in particular."  


"As the régisseur of the works of Alwin Nikolais, Mr. del Saz is doing an amazing job.  He keeps the integrity of the body of Nik’s works, passes on an understanding of the Nikolais Philosophy throughout the transfer process, and therefore gives an understanding of how the works are to be performed. And he is preserving and maintaining the repertory for future generations. Bravo!."

Hannah C. Wiley
Founding Artistic Director
Chamber Dance Company

"I have strong basis for considering Alberto del Saz to be one of the best re-constructors of dance -- specially of the Nikolais/Louis repertoire. He knows the choreography and its style intimately and teaches both with clarity, honesty and reverence. Physically and verbally, Alberto provides a lens through which dancers are able to access the essence of these masterful works.

Similarly, in his teaching of technique, Alberto provides inspirational and accessible guidance to students."

Dianne Markham
Former Faculty/Choreographer

"I have had the opportunity to see the marked development of Mr. del Saz as an exceptional performer of the highest degree artistically and creatively. His extraordinary abilities have give him the rare permission to undertake the responsibilities for directing the Nikolais/ Louis Foundation, setting the works, training the dancers and being entrusted with maintaining the integrity and vision of its creators.

His ability to recreate original movement and to relate the individual dancer to the group with effect.

While working with dancers, he is above all, professional, disciplined, and yet endows the creative progression where each phase of dance leads to the next from student to dancer to artist.

Charisma, passion, honesty and vision are in short supply."

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